The Next Generation of Disciples

Middle School 6th-8th Grade

Middle School can be a challenging time for many youths. It is our desire to always spiritually equip our youth with the very necessary biblical tools to be able to navigate and respond to the challenges they will face both socially and individually. Our Wednesday night gatherings engage our Middle Schoolers through biblical teachings, great discussions and fun activities to help them grow in the knowledge of who there are in Jesus Christ.


High School 9th-12th Grade

We want our High Schoolers to always be able to respond to the challenges in society from a biblical world view. So we are direct and intentional with our topics and teachings. We teach them to know their identity is in Christ, to be a bold witness to their peers and friends and to serve their community and beyond with love and humility. It's our desire to raise up bold and courageous disciples of Jesus Christ so therefore our biblical discussions and studies are also designed to help them navigate their lives

educationally, socially, relationally, mentally and physically. 


College and Young Adults 18-24

Our Young Adult years can often be the most challenging years for many as we grow in independence. Our faith is certainly put to the test. Discipleship doesn't end after High School. Whether our youths venture off to college, the military, or go right into the workforce, it's our desire to remain connected to them that they will be reminded of their foundation and continue to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. We do this in various ways. Through reconnect events, letters and cards written, phone calls, visits from members when they are traveling to their areas, online studies and more. Ultimately, we want them to grow and disciple others. We want to be able to walk with them and celebrate those milestones that we have in our college and young adult years. Also, we never want them to forget there is always Love and Grace for them when life brings a heavy burden as it it sometimes will.